Jens Dolk reviews beers from Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri with label design by Diablito Studios on Channel 4 (Swedish Television).

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Ale Cassis from Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri is a FANTASTICALLY good beer, just like the rest of their assortment.

Jens Dolk (Beer & Wine Scribe for Channel 4)

At Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri beer is produced with artisanal methods. All beers are made from scratch: Malt is crushed and cast, wort is boiled with hops. Fermentation takes from 2 days up to 10 for the strongest brews. All products are unfiltered and non-pasteurized, all to retain maximum flavor. The products are matured in the brewery´s own cellar, in classic British tanks. The beer is then tapped up manually to be enjoyed at selected restaurants and on the home farm.

Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri have been inaugurated in the worldwide network Économusée. At an Économusée you can read about the culture, history and traditions behind the company’s crafts. You can participate when the products are being made, interact with the craftsman and then buy the products in the craftsman’s shop.

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