Crazy hayes 2.0 – PWO.

Crazy Hayes 2.0 should not be mixed in a shaker – taking a heaping scoop directly in your mouth and washing it down with the nearest optional beverage, that´s the ticket. If you can´t handle it, you will find Crazy Hayes 2.0 too strong for you anyway.

In terms of content there have been some of the most interesting news lately, namely the exotic plant Cupuacu. The plant contains a highly interesting substance which is extremely energizing. Don´t be surprised if this extract will be a new, stronger successor to caffeine. Theoretically, this extract effects both adenosine and dopamine regulations which are two extremely important systems for controlling the body’s energy level. With a strong synergistic effect with caffeine (250mg) in Crazy Hayes 2.0, you can easily workout for two hours without any major impact regarding energy or focus levels. The fascinating thing is that the body does not build up a tolerance to the extract. The same intense and long-lasting energy boost you get the first time still appears after the fourth jar.

With the first version of Crazy Hayes, Black Madness created a new standard for extreme pre-training workouts. When it was taken off the shelves, it created a black hole for pre-workouts that no one else has yet been able to fill.

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