Diablito Studios is responsible for the label design when it comes to Nyckelbryggerier’s juices with cold pressed berries.

It can´t get any more natural than this. Cold pressed berries from Norrbotten without any additives. 100 procent berry juice, with a natural sweetening created by the presence of the midnight sun.

For those who loves bubbles, Nyckelbryggerier has a perfect thirst quencher with carbonated water of the highest quality.

In 1886, Nyckelbryggerier started in Luleå and in 2007 the brewery was established in Älvsbyn, a little further west in Norrbotten. The reason is simple, Älvsbyn probably has the best spring water to be found.

Their drinks are manufactured in Norrbotten and sold through grocery store, restaurant and cafés. They also produce beverages for customers’ own brands (private label).

Norrbotten is their home market, but their target group is found throughout Sweden and abroad and spans over all age groups.