Yes. This is what happens when you mix a lot of creativity with hard work.

Black Widow is a pre-mixed Pre-Workout comparable to any performance enhancer. All according to Black Madness.

Label design by Diablito Studios.

Black Widow is one of the strongest and most invigorating pre-mixed drinks on the market. In addition to that, your body will never build up a tolerance. Just like the vicious venom of the Black Widow.

Dr Black Madness

Black Widow is a concentrated premixed PWO comparable to the performance enhancer in powder form. Similar products on the market today are mostly restrained with active substances and contain caffeine, and therefore, they have no noticeable effect. It is not all unusual having to take two servings, or combine several different prod-ucts, to get the desired effect.
BlackWidow will clearly be the most toxic product in its category, and there will be no need to exceed your intake. Black Widow contains about twice as much of the active substances (other than caffeine) as the popular ”Ready-To-Drink” Pre-Workout engines today. With 4 grams of Citrulline Malate and 1 gram of Arginine HCL you will receive a hearty ”Shut-Up-Pump”. And with a full 3 grams of Beta-Alanine you will within minutes of getting that tagging and spider creeping feeling that you need to enter the gym and do another workout. In addition, Beta-Alanine keeps the lactic acid away so you can train at a higher level for longer period of time.
What really makes the Black Widow stand out are the 25 milligrams of Teacrin. Teacrin will be supplements next generation of stimuli. The substance is usually described as an updated and improved version of caffeine. This combination will provide a more concentrated and long-term focus on training, compared to what caffeine alone can achieve. And unlike caffeine, it seems like the body is not able to build up a tolerance to Teacrin. In other words, you get the same energizing effect no matter how many times, or for how long, you use the product.