Black Madness has once again provided the market with a industry leading product.

ZMAsh is the latest supplement in the Black Madness assortment. This time it´s a ZMA fully loaded with zinc, magnesium, teanin and ashwaganda.
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Since the need for minerals increases when you are physically active, ZMAsh contains as much zinc and magnesium per dose that can be legally manufactured today. A relative deficiency of these minerals can easily arise in a everyday situation that is physiologically challenging. Before it makes itself known, one can have lost training related targets or key recovery. A healthy magnesium level are essential for normal muscle function, protein synthesis and electrolyte balance.

Dr Black Madness

What makes ZMAsh unique is the combination of two additional interesting ingredients derived from plants. One is the amino acid Theanine. Theanine is not yet particularly common as a single supplement. However, it is used in its naturally occurring form of very great extent. Theanine is namely one of the main ingredients in green tea, and suggest that it is precisely Theanine that contribute to the calming properties that green tea have. This is because the Theanine may affect neurotransmitters in the brain which lead to higher levels of serotonin, and dopamine, strongly associated with mood and well-being.
The second extract is one of the most talked about and most powerful herbs in Indian medicine and is known as Ashwaganda, or also known as Indian ginseng. Traditionally Ashwaganda used for its physiological and psychological characteristics, and recently there have been clinical studies backing up these theories. Regular use of Ashwaganda seem to be able to contribute to improved recovery and strength gains, but also cardiovascular improvements. What makes Ashwaganda perfect for this kind of product is the way it can affect peoples mental health and mood. The evidence suggests that the herb works as an adaptogen, which is a primary regulator of your stress. This results in improved relaxation abilities, but also increased concentration and motivation.

ZMAsh is an excellent everyday supplement for those who want a hard physical exertion without negative effects. ZMAsh can be taken any time during the day, but it is recommended to take ZMAsh about 30 minutes before bedtime to increase your daily recovery.