Could the vikings have been wrong? We don´t think so.

”Drakmjöden” is made from honey, ginger and lemon, and the ”Drakmölska” is made from the same honey, cranberries and pors. Should be served cold (4 – 8 degrees Celsius).

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At Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri beer is produced with artisanal methods. All beers are made from scratch: Malt is crushed and cast, wort is boiled with hops. Fermentation takes from 2 days up to 10 for the strongest brews. All products are unfiltered and non-pasteurized, all to retain maximum flavor. The products are matured in the brewery´s own cellar, in classic British tanks. The beer is then tapped up manually to be enjoyed at selected restaurants and on the home farm.

I started brewing beer in the early 1990´s, and ever since then I have been refining the various recipes for beer, wine, mjöd and mölska.

Jan Zakrisson (Brew Master/Owner)

A film about beer among other things.
The Èconomusée Network presents Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri.