A test panel was allowed to taste the various products through blind tests and then submit a written assessment and rating according to the following rating scale:

M = Fail
MM = Approved
MMM = Good
MMMM = Great
MMMMM = World-Class

Label design by Diablito Studios.

Not as sweet as many of the other brands, which makes the taste more distinct. A very good ”Christmas Must” with great foaming. Round, spicy and just a right sweet taste that leaves a great aftertaste. A ”Christmas Must” for everyone’s Christmas table, without a doubt. The obvious winner of the test!
Rating: 5 out of 5!

Pearl Åkesson (Mitt KÖK, Expressen)

“Must” has not gone through the ordinary fermentation phase in regular wine and cider production. So, on first glance, it may sound like it is a relatively simple drink, but in fact, it has a unique complex recipe that differs from one producer to another.

Tasting of the Christmas Must at Urban Deli, Nytorget in Stockholm.
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The carbonated soft drink ”Christmas Must” (Gammaldags Julmust in swedish) was reviewed on the Swedish television channel 4 in December, 2017.

Not only did they give it the highest score in taste , they also loved the label design by Diablito Studios.