For the third year in a row Nyckelbryggeriers old-fashioned ”Christmas Must” is the winner in Pricerunners ”Best In Test”.

”The taste is exactly what you want from a ”Christmas Must”. Sweet, yet less sweet than many of the more well-known brands. This means that it appeals to both children and adults around the Christmas table.”

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Label design by Diablito Studios.

“Must” has not gone through the ordinary fermentation phase in regular wine and cider production. So, on first glance, it may sound like it is a relatively simple drink, but in fact, it has a unique complex recipe that differs from one producer to another.

Tasting of the Christmas Must at Urban Deli, Nytorget in Stockholm.
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The carbonated soft drink ”Christmas Must” (Gammaldags Julmust in swedish) was reviewed on the Swedish television channel 4 in December, 2017.

Not only did they give it the highest score in taste , they also loved the label design by Diablito Studios.